What is San Roque Supermarket Online?

San Roque Supermarket Online is San Roque Supermarket’s latest offer that aims to help consumers have a hassle-free shopping experience by doing grocery shopping right at the comfort of their home.  You can access this by typing www.srssulit.com in your browsers (Google, Safari, Internet Explorer). This can be accessed via computers, tablets and even mobile phones.


  1. Do I need to sign-up to purchase?

Customers need to sign up so that their orders could be tracked easily.


  1. If I am an existing SRS Suki Card holder, can I use this on my purchase?

Currently, using of SRS Suki Card thru the website is not yet available. However, we plan to launch this feature in the following months. We will make our official announcement through the San Roque Supermarket Online website and through our official FB page (www.facebook.com/sanroquesupermarket).  


  1. Until what time can I order?

Ordering through the website can be made 24/7. However, orders made after 4 PM shall be processed the following day.


  1. What items do you sell?

We have a wide assortment of grocery items, for easier browsing we have them in this website per category. Also, we offer fresh items such as pork, chicken, fish, rice, vegetables and fruits.


  1. Do you give Senior Citizen discount?

As of the moment, we do not have facility to ascertain the validity of claims for Senior Citizen discount. Moreover, the government body overseeing online e-commerce business has not drafted a policy on issuing discounts to senior citizen transacting online. But rest assured, we will be abiding with whatever regulation the government may have in the future regarding this matter.


  1. What areas are covered by San Roque Supermarket Online?

San Roque Supermarket is available and located at the following areas:

  • Metro Manila
  • Areas within and near the following provinces:

Laguna – San Pedro

Cavite – Imus, Molino

Rizal- Antipolo, Cainta, Montalban, Rodriquez

Bulacan – San Jose Del Monte, Sta Maria Bulacan


  1. How can I give my feedback to San Roque Supermarket?

We welcome all of your feedbacks.  You may message us in our website in CONTACT US or just by clicking here. Our staff will gladly address all of your feedbacks.


  1. Do you have cut-off time?
  • Placing of orders can be made any time.


  1. Is there a minimum purchase requirement?
  • There is no minimum purchase requirement.


  1. What if the item I ordered is unavailable?
  • If your order has an unavailable item, you shall be informed through SMS for possible replacements. Replacement confirmation should be made within 1 hour after receiving the SMS. If no response has been made, order will be prepared without any replacement.


  1. Can I track my order?
  • You can check the status of your order in your purchase history.


  1. Are all orders final?
  • Before checking out, you can change or remove your orders on your virtual cart. If you wish to remove an item, just click on the cross beside the item you want to delete. You can also change the quantity of your order in the same window. However, modification or cancellation of orders cannot be made once order is already checked out.


  1. Can I give special instructions for my order?
  • You can leave your instruction on your items or delivery in ORDER NOTES before you proceed to check out.


  1. Can I re-order my previous orders?
  • Yes, as long as all items are available. Just go to your PURCHASE HISTORY and click ORDER AGAIN.


  1. Will my total amount due change upon delivery?

This could only happen if there are:

  1. Out of stock items – You have ordered an item that is currently unavailable.
  2. Replaced items – You replied and confirmed via SMS.
  3. Change in grammage (applicable to fresh items only) – There could be a bit of variation from your ordered quantity. This may be a little lower or higher than the ordered grammage.


  1. Do you have delivery fee?

We have a fixed delivery fee of Php 149.00 for areas covered within Metro Manila and select areas in Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan and Alaminos, Pangasinan.


  1. When will my orders be delivered?

All orders made within 4PM of today shall be delivered by the next day. Otherwise, all orders placed after this daily cut-off shall be delivered in 2 days.


  1. What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM daily.


  1. Can I change my delivery address or ship my order to a different address?

Yes, you may change your delivery address before checking out. Just click SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS and fill up the details for your new shipping address.


  1. If I am not at home, can someone else receive my order?

You may have a representative to receive your order, this shall be confirmed via phone call or you may click CONTACT US. Our delivery team could wait for the confirmation within 15 minutes. If there is no confirmation from the customer or there are no representatives present, order shall automatically be cancelled. The delivery fee for your next order shall also be doubled.


  1. Do you require ID for alcohol and tobacco purchases?

Yes. All orders that contain alcohol and tobacco item must be received by a person aged 18 and above.


  1. What are your payment schemes?

You may pay via Cash on Delivery (COD), Credit Card or Debit Card (from major local issuing bank). 


  1. Can I use my SRS Suki Card point as a payment?

Not yet, but, payment using SRS Suki Card ponits shall be available on the following months. Kindly wait for our official announcement.


  1. Can I ask for change for my payment?

Before you Check Out your order, you may inform us via ORDER NOTES. (Ex. Bring change for 1,000).